Calibration Gas

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Calibration Gas

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We can help you with all of your calibration gas needs.  We have outstanding pricing and superior customer service.  We have quality calibration gas, as well as fast delivery.  We can match almost any calibration gas and save you money.  We specialize in innovative cal gas solutions.

Why choose McNeill:

  • We have the best pricing
  • We have exceptional products
  • We have over 35 years of gas detection experience
  • We have an extensive list of calibration gases
  • Gases are made to NIST standards

Calibration Gases: Our complete line calibration gases in disposable cylinders includes:

Cylinders:  We have the following cylinder sizes:

  • Bump Testing:  for All Non-Reactive Gases plus H2S, and SO2:
    • Bump-It (30+ tests)
    • 10 Liter Trigger
  • Steel Cylinders: for non-reactive gases17 Liters – CGA 600 fitting
    • 34 Liters – CGA 600 fitting
    • 221 Liters – CGA 165 fitting ( C-10 adapter available)
  • Aluminum Cylinders: for reactive and non-reactive gases with a C-10 fitting:
    • 34 Liters
    • 58 Liters
    • 116 Liters

Soft Sided Carrying Case



  • Fixed Flow Rate Regulator, Nickel Plated Brass, C-10 fitting, for use with Non-Reactive Gases, H2S, SO2 and Silane. Fixed flow rate between 0.1-6 LPM (most common is 0.5 LPM)
  • Fixed Flow Rate Regulator, Stainless Steel, C-10 fitting, for use Reactive Gases. Fixed flow rate between 0.1-6 LPM
  • Fixed Flow Rate Regulator, Nickel Plated Brass, CGA 600 Fitting, for use with 17 and 34 liter steel cylinders. Fixed flow rate between 0.1-6 LPM
  • Dial A Flow Regulator: can be adjusted from .3 LPM to 8 LP
  • Demand Flow Regulator: matches a motorized pump flow
  • Control Valve CV-2: Low cost that works similar to a water faucet for use with 17 or 34 liter steel cylinder


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