Calibration Gas

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Calibration Gas

Calibration gas is our specialty.  We listen to you. We return your calls, and answer your e-mails quickly. We actually have detection solutions for you. If we do not have the best solutions for your needs, we will tell you who does. We know that is not what you are accustomed to from the marketplace today. McNeill International is a step ahead in the calibration gas world.

You know that the calibration gas you use is just as important as the detector for protecting your workers and covering your liability for their safety.  Atmospheric monitors require the utmost accuracy in calibration gas, and we offer you the best.

How can we help you?

When you order, lets also discuss your sensors and how you use them.  How old are they?  What atmospheric elements have your sensors been exposed to?  Do we need to mix a gas for you that will work best in your device?  Do you need calibration gas that is formulated to provide the best possible protection against LEL sensor degradation?

Our calibration gas is designed to be the purest, most stable and consistent calibration gas available in the market today.  Our calibration gas costs no more than other gasses, but delivers accuracy unmatched in the calibration gas environment.

Depending on where you use your sensors or detection devices, there is always a possibility that your sensor is “poisoned”.  A good question to ask is whether or not your detector is used to monitor multiple gas types.  Do you use it to monitor more than one type of gas?

If you do,  let’s discuss that.  Some gasses can cause your detection systems to produce lower readings than the calibration standard.  This error could be dangerous to your workers if the alarm setting is not re-adjusted for the new setting.

If your gas detection need is for gas sensors, calibration gas, fixed systems or portable gas detectors and monitors,  we will help you today. 1-800-626-3455